Bush Alkaline Essentials (Bushea) was founded by Robert Coblijn & Angelique Naarden. 

Bushea is part of the Bijlmer Style foundation, located in the Netherlands.. The foundation has been developing projects for 20 years to improve the local community in Amsterdam Southeast, the Bijlmer. Over the years, Bijlmer Style has evolved from an independent record label to a foundation to a local political party that represents the youth.

Due to the foundation's founder's personal health concerns, the focus shifted to natural healing, leading to the late Dr. Sebi and his alkaline lifestyle. We started to study all of Dr. Sebi lectures, collecting alkaline herbs and implementing this into our lifestyle. This led us to a deeper knowledge and understanding of how our bodies work and the essentials needed to keep it healthy. All together with the devotion of spreading consciousness about this simple but very effective way of living, Bush Alkaline Essentials was born.

At bushea.com, we are focused on collecting and supplying wild crafted alkaline herbs, medicinal mushrooms, tinctures and other herbal extracts. We are proud to introduce herbs mainly from the Amazon that are unknown to the growing global alkaline community. Bush Alkaline Essentials is our way of paying tribute and continuing the legacy of Dr. Sebi, our main source of inspiration.